While gaining the bulk of my experience in a small firm setting, I participated in all phases of project delivery and coordinated directly with project team consultants and clients. Since then, I built and operated a small business providing drafting and modeling services.  More recently, I've had the opportunity to guide a small team, overseeing design and production in addition to creating and managing project budgets. I take pride in providing the highest quality results for my clients while utilizing resources in an efficient and effective manner.

I am a strong proponent of Building Information Modeling as a superior approach to architectural design and documentation. As such, I have been a devoted user of Graphisoft’s ArchiCAD since first encountering it at university using v5 and in everyday practice since 2002. I am current with ArchiCAD’s latest release and consider myself to be an expert user having logged well over 10,000 hours of use on a variety of project types.